Native App -> Add background image in navigation bar

Hello, I am new to Mendix and want to know how can I add a background image in the navigation top bar for a native app? Here is the navigation styles inside of custom-variables.js. I need to add a background image here   export const navigation = { topBar: { backgroundColor: darkMode ? backgroundDefaults.primaryDark :"#283D74", backButtonColor: darkMode ? fontDefaults.colorTitleLight : fontDefaults.colorTitleDark, titleColor: darkMode ? fontDefaults.colorTitleLight : "#C54556", titleFontSize: font.sizeH6, marginBottom: spacing, },   Thank you.  
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Quick and dirty solution can be:

background-image: url("");

where 'mA3vXIcdMu4Rz6qxQKthhA==' is your Base64 of image you want to show there. You can use any image to base64 online encoder for example.