Webmanifest for PWA missing on Windows On Premise environment

Hi there,   We have deployed a PWA app (Mx 10.6.6) to a windows On premise environment. Now the PWA app is not installable. When ‘adding to the homescreen’ on an android mobile device it just puts a link to the url on the homescreen instead of installing the PWA. A lighthouse check on the locally developed pwa shows only green checks. But when we perform a lighthouse check on url of the app that is deployed on the On Prem server, then we get the error:   GET https://**************.com/manifest.webmanifest?638526522969056468 404 (Not Found)   Any idea on why the webmanifest is missing on the On Premise environment? Or is there anything missing on the on prem server setup?   Thanks in advance. Regards,Roel
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Issue solved  by adding the following in IIS:


  1. MIME Types: FileName Extension .webmanifest en Mime Type application/manifest+json

  2. URL Rewrite: name manifest, pattern ^(manifest.webmanifest)(.*), Rewrite URL http://localhost:8080/{R:1}{R:2}