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Hi forum, I have built an Mobile native application to deploy it one MDM Platform, before which I need to test it on my device, when I scan the QR code to view it on my device, its giving me the above error. I have tried everything that is mentioned in the documents, followed every instruction and removed all the possible blockages from my device as well as from the organization's network, still it is not working. Any other suggestions for this? Pls help.
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Hello Spoorthi YU,


Probably it is still the firewall that denies access.

Have you tried to open the port by using a tool like NGROK or TunnelMole.


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Hi Spoorthi YU,


In fact, both the modeler and your device need to be connected to the same internet, and ensure that your project is set to the native profile.Screenshot 2024-06-05 180816.png


is your modeler (studio pro) in the same WIFI as that of your phone? usually this is due to different networks.

So connect your laptop to a wifi which is a hotspot from your phone where you want to see the app. See if that works for you.


Hello Spoorthi,


You can try this workaround:


While you investigate this connection issue with your physical device, you can try to use an android emulator to check if this also occurs. In theory, since the computer and emulator are in same network, it shouldn't occur any connection problem.


When creating the AVD, remember to add the commands to install the Google PlayStore (so that you can install the Make it Native 10 app)



How to Create an Android Emulator Via Terminal: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Run Android Emulator for Development Without Android Studio?


Or you can build your custom MakeItNative using the "Build App for local development" so that you can have access to the log using Android Studio LogCat and maybe you can get more info about your connection issue (using yout custom Make It Native)


In general, I almost never use the Make It Native 10 from the PlayStore.