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Hi Forum,  I have developed an Native Mobile application and want to test it on my Mobile device but I am facing the connection issue error, I have followed all the troubleshooting instructions, yet nothing seems to work on my Organization network as well as Personal network. So I need to conclude about this today, is there any other alternative to test my mobile application other than the scanning of QR code in phone using make it native app. Pls help, suggest some alternatives if there.
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Hi , Spoorthi YU


Your mobile and application running  pc or laptop must should be same network it may be work 

If any doubts on native application testing follow below link :



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K. Ravi Kumar.


Hi Spoorthi YU,


I have learned that Make It Native is not working on Xiaomi devices. The way i worked around it, is by installing BlueStacks on you PC or Laptop. This is an mobile emulator where Make It Native does work. Extra plus, is that you are developing and testing on the same device!


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