Universal links in native mobile - apple app association file

We Need Help Implementing Universal Links in Our Native Application Objective: We aim to use universal links in our (native) application to ensure that links redirect users to the appropriate location, where we can then handle the deep link.   Current Approach: We utilized the NanoflowCommons JavaScript action Share.  We created a deep link in the format makeitnative://product/1235. However, these deep links are not clickable when shared via WhatsApp. Proposed Solution: We believe using universal links is the right approach. Our goal is for links like [url]/product/1246 to open either the app or a web page, where we can manage it as a deep link. Steps Taken: We created an apple-app-site-association and placed it in our theme folder. Upon inspecting the browser, we noticed the Content-Type is application/octet-stream, indicating it is not being read correctly. Question: Could someone provide guidance on how to correctly implement universal links and ensure the apple-app-site-association is recognized and read properly?
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My guess is that you'll have to let WhatsApp direct to a webpage and have some functionality there that redirects to the Native app. See StackOverflow also.