Debugging In Native mobile Login

Hello, I'm having trouble saving a username and device unique ID to an entity named "LoginDetails" in a native mobile app after successful login using Mendix. I've implemented this functionality by calling the "Create LoginDetails" activity in a nanoflow named "ACT_SignInUser" after receiving a "Response OK= true". However, the records are not being saved to the entity. I've also tried calling the "Create" action through another button, and it works as expected. Could you please help me understand why the records aren't being saved upon login? Additionally, I've noticed that the debugger doesn't work to check the "on login" action after receiving a "Response OK= true". Is this normal behavior?
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After a successfull login, you're no longer have an anonymous session. Try moving your "Create LoginDetails" activity in a nanoflow, that is called from the role-based home page in navigation.