Login integration Native mobile application

Hi Guys,   I have created the native mobile application. In that template they have inbuild login features and I also used the same but it doesn't work.   Here snaps for your ref: Login screen and button action   Microflow   Domain Model       Issues faced:   1. By entering the correct admin and password its loading and restart the application and then came the same login page again. 2. If  I call "show-page" action inside the nanoflow its won't work. 3. Entering wrong admin user name and password it shows me as error that good.   regards, venkat
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Keep in mind that once the user is authenticated, the role-based home page will be served. The login page should be the home page for anonymous users only.


In the native navigation profile, set a home page different from the login page for the Admin role (which is the role you are signing in with) and you will see it served immediately after signing in.