Issues with Listview when scrolling in mobile browsers

Hi all,   We have a web app that when accessed through a mobile browser has a very peculiar behaviour. If we use the app without using the logo or the navigation menu, everything seems to work fine. However, if we go to a page and then use the logo to navigate to the homepage, or go to another page using the navigation menu, suddenly we lose the ability to scroll in listviews...the usual 300ms delay the browsers have to see if we want to scroll or click is gone, and every time we try to scroll, it immediately assumes we clicked. The other weird thing is that this seems to only happen with listviews. Grids and other controls on dataviews seem to continue to work fine.   Has anyone ever seen this? And, more importantly, does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?   Many thanks Gonçalo
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This was being caused by a custom widget. Getting the latest version from the appstore fixed the issue.