Retrieve objects offline via javascript

Hi everybody, I am building an offline app. In my app I want to retrieve objects through association in javascript. I believe that these objects are not yet synced to my offline, because in the JSON message I don't see them. (I know the GUIDs of the objects that are associated to my context object.) I tried to use and mxobj.fetch and it does not retrieve any objects. It does work in my brower and on my online app though. Probably because it can connect to the server. I saw this post and I tried but it does not work. It shows in my console the message: Function is not implemented yet. In this post someone mentions that creating of objects can only be done is there is i.e. a listview to show these objects. Could it be possible that  retrieving my objects through association is only possible if I for example use a listview to show the objects so that they are synced to my offline app?
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Robert, in my experience with offline, you'll need to create a grid or listview containing all of the objects you'll need access to. I put it on my home page and then added the class "hide" to it so it wouldn't be visible to the end use. This gets the data loaded locally, and then I've been able to do retrieve data. That was back when the getSlice function existed - it seems to have been removed since. Perhaps get or fetch would work now if you add the grid.