Online/Offline mobile application

Hi all A customer wants to add offline functionality for some of their users in the field who will have an internet connection most of the time but will have occasions when they in areas with no connectivity. They want to be able to provide both online and offline support, giving their users access to the whole application while online but a 'light' version when offline. It appears from the answer to this question,, that this is not currently possible. The customer is running 6.10.3 which has a separate offline profile rather than the hybrid profiles introduced in 6.10.4. Am I right in thinking that they could support the above by manually building two apps, one online and one offline? The online app would use the phone/tablet profile and the offline app would use the offline profile. Given that this 'workaround' is not possible in later versions I guess this would prevent them from upgrading so is not really a recommended approach but I am just trying to find options for them at the moment. Thanks in advance iain
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