Mobile app ios package (ipa) on premise environment?

Hi, We have an on premise environment with Mx 7.4.0. We created a mobile ios package (ipa) with Adobe Phonegab and the Apple developer portal but we are wondering where we have to set the URL of the producion environment of the on premise server. A login screen appears when we click on the App icon on the iPhone but somehow the app needs to know which (on premise) app environment he has to connect and login? I think? Is this possible or can you only use this when the application is hosted in the Mendix Cloud? Thanks!
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Hi Cillus, you can change the URL in the index.html of the package. This package is located in the dist folder of the customizable package you received from sprintr. 


Hi Cillus, you can also check out the Github documentation on the Phonegap app template which will clarify a lot. The documentation can be found here: