Offline profile prohibits search bar and therefore buttons that act on a row in data grid? Workarounds?

Mendix (7.4) limitations on what you can do in offline mode are really getting in the way.  I need to display invoice lines in a data grid and be able to select a row, tap a button and go to a data grid page for the selected invoice line.  But this does not seem to be legal, I get an error during checking that says that "Grids with a search bar are not supported on pages that are accessible through the online profile". The so-called search bar seems to be the only place where I could put a button that operates on the selected row.  Anyone have any ideas on how I could get around this?
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I believe you're confusing the Search Bar/Button and the Action Bar. The action bar can definitely have buttons on it. Select your grid and in the properties window you should see an option called "Show search bar". If you set that to "Never", the error should go away.


By the way, I created an offline-capable custom widget called GridSearch in the app store if you do need search capabilities in this offline grid.