Redirect after REST callback

Here is my scenario. I have an action button that opens a link that causes a mobile device to switch to another app passing API info with it. The user completes the actions on the 3rd party app and the 3rd party app returns the user to a specified callback url with data about the transaction. The callback info is handled by the restservices module but the user is left staring at a json/xml page. How can I force a custom redirect after the callback is processed?  I cannot alter the callback url. It must be the same every time. I can pass an attribute to the 3rd party app that is returned in the callback.  I appreciate any input.
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Hi Barry, Personally I wouldn't use a callback function to redirect back to the application, but a deeplink on the app itself. This makes it possible to handle the requests yourself with microflows. Of course the URL should link to the app instead of the Mendixcloud environment. But still there are some challenges, for example: how do you keep the user logged in?