Login Widget Issues

So here are my issues: - The login widget from the app store:  Doesn't parse spaces out of the front or the back of the login name (and i'm having a TON of people with android having an issue where they can't login and almost all of them somehow got a space at the end of the login name.  It's something it looks like the device adds when you use the android "autofill" feature (im assuming somehow it thinks you want to type your email address and then puts a space to continue on with a sentence?). - The authentication Mendix widgets in the modeler:  Don't allow us to force the username to all lowercase and since the logins are case sensitive, this too creates another, different customer service nightmare. Anyone dealt with these issues before? Thnx, Jonathan  
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If you add some css to the input field then the upper/lower case nightmare can be solved.

See for example:

<input type="text" style="text-transform:lowercase;" />

Removing the trailing space will require some java script, see for example http://jsfiddle.net/jstoolsmith/ZNQQm/