Push Notifications Question - Clearing Badge

Hi, When using the push notifications module, how do you clear the badge number when someone goes to the app?  We are using the push notifications to alert accounts that there are pending "messages" in the account.  When a user goes to the app and looks at those messages, we want to be able to clear the badge or alter the number on the badge based on how many of those messages they have "read".  We know at the Account specialization how many messages they've "read" and have "unread", yet we can't alter the badge number other than by sending another push notification.  Anyone have an insight? Thnx, Jonathan
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See this stackoverflow question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5825134/clearing-the-badge-when-received-push-notification

I have not played with the recent versions of the pushnotifications, but in the old one you could set the number to 0. But indeed you did need to send this notification out. As I recall the enduser does not gets notified. It will only notice that the badge is gone when set to 0.