Use device camera from within Mendix app instead of launching camera seperately

We have built an Android app that contains the Phonegap camera widget. When our customers come to take a picture the camera app is launched separately. What we really want is to embed the camera within the Mendix app, so that we can devote a portion of the page to the camera, and use buttons to control it (i.e. take a picture, maybe turn the flash on or off etc). Has anyone been able to achieve this?
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You would need to implement a Mendix widget that uses a different Cordova camera plugin. Here's a plugin that looks promising:

If you use that plugin, it looks like you can activate the camera and show it directly on/behind your HTML, and then render buttons to take pictures and switch cameras (front and back). I even see a function in there to enable and disable flash.

Warning: this is a significant undertaking. Probably a week or more from an experienced widget developer.