iOS 11 compatibility

Hi, We have updated an apple iphone to iOS11 and are experiencing an issue with one of our mobile apps build for the appstore. (Currently deployed ad-hoc to a couple of test devices.) When starting the app it immediately crashes back to the home screen. I suppose a new version of the app should be build to run on iOS11? If so should this be done with modeler 7.6 or in some other way?   Thank you in advance to anyone able to shed some light on this.
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This is correct. You need to update the hybrid app or download the latest.  However, you can also update your current hybrid app to make sure your app is IOS proof. To do this update the plugin cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine-nextgen in the config.xml to version to 1.1.0 and publish again.


Hi Damien,

I've experienced issues after upgrading to IOS11 as well, mainly while developing using the Mendix app (to simulate native behavior). Hope there is an update coming soon!

edit: I'm using modeler version 7.6.0