Uploading image failed with error code undefined

Hi, We updated application to Mendix 7.8.0 version. Through the testing we noticed some issues. One of them is a Phonegap Camera widget. The problem occurs when I want make or upload an image from the phone and save in application. I got the following error: “Uploading image failed with error code undefined”. I found out some answers related to this issue, but no one with this message.   In Mendix modeler we used last version 3.1.1 of phonegap camera widget widget. Phonegap version which the application uses from config.xml file is: <plugin name="cordova-plugin-camera" source="npm" spec="2.4.0">            <param name="CAMERA_USAGE_DESCRIPTION" value="This app needs to access your camera" />               <param name="PHOTOLIBRARY_USAGE_DESCRIPTION" value="This app needs to access your photo library" />          </plugin> I tried the last version (2.4.1), but I got the same result. Thanks.
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Debugging your mobile app might provide you with more information. In cases like yours I always use the Chrome inspector to see if there are any errors logged in the console. 

More information on remote debugging can be found here: https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/remote-debugging/

If that doesn't help you fix the issue, I suggest posting the error here so we can all have a look!