Is there a free Mendix mobile app for my little App?

I have a tiny app for use within my sports team. I can host it on the free Mendix Cloud, but that won't get my 7 teammates enthousiast. Can a small Mendix app get uploaded and hosted on the AppStore's of Apple and Google for free (except for the AppStore's developers fees)?
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Yes, but be warned the free apps go to sleep after a while. The latest mobile app code will wake the device up, just be warned that it might take a 20 or so seconds to wake the app back up. During that time a user will stare at a loading screen.

This how-to article should get your through the app creation process:


And you can even skip the developer fees if you collect their apple device ID's. Because then you can create an app that you can give to your teammates without using the appstore. It is the same procedure as when testing an app before uploading it to the app store.