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Hello, I wanted to ask if there is anyone that has tested their phonegap apps on an iPhone X, I was interested in trying to upgrade to Xcode 9 to test our app on the iPhone X simulator but have been reading that you cannot load an ipa file into Xcode.  I have been looking for some resources (iOS specific, Android specific, or third-party resources) for testing our phonegap app, is anyone aware of any or currently using some tools that are helpful?
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When you download the file from the cloud portal using 'build yourself', you can build it using XCode on a Mac. I have done that to simulate an iPad Pro for getting screenshots.


Check the hybrid app template, on which the phonegap builds are based, for details on configuring your Mac. After going trough that, you will have a working XCode project, which you can run in the simulator.


Note that all this is not necessary if you just want to debug. For debugging HTML, CSS or JavaScript issues:

  • Build your app using a developer P12 and provisioning profile.
  • Load it on your iPad/iPhone.
  • Attach the device by cable to the Mac.
  • Open Safari and access the developer tools. I'm not near a Mac now but if you Google it you will find it.
  • On the Mac an additional window opens which allows you to inspect the app like you would inspect a browser version.

I always use the Chrome external debugging tools, but you can also use Gapdebug (discontinued, so you'll have to Google for a download) or google for a different Weinre debugging solution. 

For Android you can also run emulators on your local machine to debug, for this you should check out the 'do it yourself' option when building your Mobile App in the Developer portal along with this blog.


Not sure if this would help, but I would check out lonely screen. I know some of my coworkers have used this in the past when developing a mobile application.

Here is the link to their website:


I have never developed a cross-platform app because I am a native app developer. If you have some queries regarding mobile app development tools and testing tools you can refer to this article:

According to this article,  “..enables even testing iOS apps from a Windows machine, according to Raymond Camden, an Adobe PhoneGap developer.”