How to give restrict entering particular limit of characters in a common textbox in mendix?

I have a field of zip code and auth code where I want to restrict user from entering more than 4 characters on runtime. This is what I am trying- 1. I limited my entities attribute length to 4 characters. 2. I put the custom length in textbox as 4. 3. Also I tried to put input mask as 9999 PROBLEM- On giving custom length, it is restricting in mendix emulator but on device(mobile phone) it is not restricting. On giving input mask, it is restricting to user from entering more than 4 digits but once you give your value; the textbox is freezing and not allowing to clear the field/or whatever is entered. Please provide some good solution which will execute in mobile device. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Kavya,

You can try the InputBoxOctober widget (it allows you to specify a mask for a string input field). I have tested it on mobile along with an attribute whose maximum length is set and I've found that it works nicely:




I tested this on an andriod phon (S7) using the Mendix developer app.

With added a custom restriction on the widget, it allows me to enter more then the restricted number of characters. When I step out of the widget it cuts off to the restricted Nr of characters.

To me this feels like a bug or at least undesired behavior. I suggest you file a ticket @ Mendix support