Login fails when I try to login in hydrid Mobile App

Hi All, I'm new new to Mendix. I have set up a mobile app with different user roles. In the demo version it all works well. But in production modus I cannot login in. Even as administrator it fails.  I have tried  my mendix username and password, but it gives the message:  "We couldn't log you in".  Any suggestions where to look? 
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Do you deploy to a Mendix free environment?

In that case, the MxAdmin account isn't created. You could create an administrator account using the after startup function. As example, you could use this microflow; https://modelshare.mendix.com/models/12d8898d-41cd-4a0b-9168-c91e1d3ceff9/after-startup-create-admin-user

With this account, you can create other local accounts.

If you want to use your Mendix account to login, you need to add the App cloud services module to your project