Mail to is not opening for the second time in ios app

Hi All,  In our app we are having mailto tag <a href=\"mailto&#58;\">Karthiha K</a> inside text field.  After displaying the text a hyperlink is created in the page .In ios if we are clicking the hyperlink for the first time mail client is opened and we are able to send the mail,but if we are clicking the link again no action is happening.  Have added these settings in config.xml too.  <allow-navigation href="mailto:*"/>  <access origin="mailto:*" launch-external="yes"/>  <allow-intent href="mailto:*" />  If we are long press the link functionality is working as expected.please refer Is there a solution to open the mail link in normal click itself? Thanks,  K.Karthiha
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This isn't a Mendix issue but rather an iOS issue, but you need to add 


for it to work consistently in your tag. Just a heads up.