Unable to scroll when opening Mendix Cordova app on iOS device

Hi all, Created a very simple app that was then deployed for Android and iOS using Phonegap for company App Store. The app is a simple list view of colleagues for use by anonymous users.  On Android everything works fine. However when opening the app on a iOS device, it won't properly load the list view (shows only the page header, search bar and half of the first card). After using the search bar (works fine and loads the cards corresponding to the search parameters) and resetting it again everything works as it should. Again, this problem only exists in the iOS version. Ideas on how to fix this issue?  Thanks in advance!   Cheers,  Yves   ---  After further research and a fair amount of trial and error, the problem seems to be solved. The issue seemed to be caused by an empty placeholder in the Mobile page lay-out.
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