Keyboard overlay behaviour different on Android

Komrads, Given a text input field on your mobile app. When you tap the input field on iOS, the webview is pushed to top, and the focus is set on the input field. However on Android the webview is not pushed to top, and the keyboard might overlay the input field. When you start typing the page scrolls to top, and the focus is back to the input field. I have been able to reproduce this on mx6 and 7 using the mobile quick starter app, and I see the same behaviour there. See screendumps where the keyboard is placed over the  input field on Android Any suggestions would be great?    
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I ran into the same problem in one of my projects and tried my own answer without any succes. After a while i found out that the Mendix 'scroll container' in the Navigation lay-out was preventing android from scrolling up the page. Deleting the scroll container in my case ensured that the keyboard did not overlay the input parameter and the webview is pushed upwards.


Hi Wilfried,

Not sure if this will help you but there are some stackoverflow topics about this:

even a cordova plugin: