3rd party SDK with phonegap plugin does not keep session after exit

Hi, I have a Mendix app for my client which has a payment provider integrated into it. I also used a mobile SDK (I use the plugin from https://github.com/tjwoon/csIPay88 ) for mobile app payment. I simply use the function below to execute after callbacks: mx.data.action({ params: { actionname: this.actionmf, applyto: "selection", guids: [ this._obj.getGuid() ] } }); For iOS, I have tested and confirmed that in both callbacks (success and fail), the microflows execute properly. However, when testing on Android, I noticed that when receiving failure callback or exiting with back button, the console log shows below: POST http://myappurl.net/xas/ 401 (Unauthorized) mendix.sys.Server: loadHandler: server error: "{\"result\":\"Invalid session, please login\"}" r {message: "Unable to load http://myappurl.net/xas/#executeaction status: 401", response: {…}, status: 401, responseText: "{"result":"Invalid session, please login"}", xhr: XMLHttpRequest, …} From my understanding, this is because when executing the failure callback, the session is empty. But I have no idea the exact issue here and how to resolve this, even after adding "resume" event listener.   Does anyone have a solution for this problem?
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