Image Uploader Disabled - Offline Mode using nanoflows

hi all, I am trying to use image uploader in Offline enabled application.But the image uploader  is disabled and I am unable to add a image. I have 1-1 assosication between Entity A and Entity B (image specialization). As suggested in this Since it is offline i tried creating a nanoflow for creating object for both Entity A and Entity B(image ) but the problem  here is  I am unable to create value for Association. Kindly let me know if any other alternatives are available.
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On a 1-1 association the 'owner' of the reference is set on both objects.

apparantly this can't be done in the offline profile.

A workaround for your issue might be setting a 1 - * relationship where the owner is set on the child entity

and use a GetOrCreate to make sure you're always retrieving or creating only 1 object for that reference.