Hide keyboard on mobile device

I have an input field on a page we use on a mobile scanning device. The input field is filled by the device when we scan a bar code. To do so the input field needs to be focused.  There is an HTML snippet on the page which automatically puts the focus in the input field.  The downside of this solution is the keyboard, that's triggered automatically when the focus is on an input field.  Does anybody know how you can overrule or hide the keyboard?
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It is an old report, which we are currently running into. You may have already solved it, but we have implemented the following solution.


We have put the class "barcode_string" on the input field

In the HTML snippet  we have the following code:

$('.barcode_string > input').prop('readonly', true);

    $('.barcode_string > input').focus();
    $('.barcode_string > input').prop('readonly', false);

Does your solution still work if you make the input field read-only?


That is weird, usually the scanner pretends to be a keyboard so the on-screen keyboard will not popup. Does your scanner have any configuration options?