Marking photos on an iPad

Hi, Like the title states, I would like to annotate or mark my photo's on an iPad.    Some background info, we're creating an offline app that's supposed to run on an iPad. It's an inspection app where you're supposed to be able to take pictures and annotate/mark them. However, the native markup function of the iPad is disabled. So you can only take the picture, and that's it. The workaround of taking the picture, going to your gallery and then marking it is not an option since it can be like 20 photo's at a time and you'd have to upload them one by one.    My question: Is there a way to trigger the native functionality on an iPad or is there a widget I could use? My initial search on the App store didn't yield any useful results.  Many thanks in advance!
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Perhaps you could incorporate the Annotorius widget (link) into your workflow?

Btw I saw that the documentation on Github provides more info (link)