Cannot login into Offline Hybrid app

Hi, I am trying to create an offline hybrid app.  When anonymous usage is disabled , I can login into the offline hybrid app. but when anonymous usage is enabled , I cannot login into the offline hybrid app. I checked the application's log. APP INFO WebUI: Login OK: user '100007' (Number of concurrent sessions: 15). APP INFO Core: Removing session for user 'Anonymous_d18288df-6258-4ac2-8de3-580a2e7e8d26' APP INFO Connector: New login request from [Source-IP:, X-Forwarded-For: xxxxx, User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0; SOV31 Build/32.1.C.0.401) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/53.0.2785.143 Crosswalk/23.53.589.4 Mobile Safari/537.36] It seems that login action finished with success status. but after login action, I get a login page again.. Does anyone have any experience with creating an offline app , and please let me know what I am missing ? **** EDIT 2018/7/26 **** What i did is as follows. 1. I got a offline capable Login form widget and HTMLSnippet widget through GitHub.    (    ( 2. I created a custom offline login page using LoginForm widget.    This page is visible for Anonymous user. 3. I put a HTMLSnippetOffline on the page and set a java script like this. if(('localStorage' in window) && (window.localStorage !== null)) {     delete window.localStorage.session; } else {} if(('sessionStorage' in window) && (window.sessionStorage !== null)) {     sessionStorage.clear();     window.sessionStorage.clear(); } else {} 4. I created a Hybrid phone app offline profile in project's 'Navigation', and set the custom offline login page as Default home page and Anonymous user's Role-based home pages. I hope this will help you. ********************** Thanks in advance, Satomi
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This is an known issue, which is not yet fixed.

You can workaround this by adding an html snippet widget on the login page with the following javascript: delete window.localStorage.session


Hi, how can you add an html snippet widget for an offline page; I am getting an error that this widget is not supported in offline profile.