Hybrid App Kill Session

Hi,  We have a requirement to kill a session on our mobile app after 15 mins and force the user to re authenticate. I have  implement the idle timer widget with a java action to log the user out, which works for desktop but on on the hybrid app. I have also tried to implement the custom setting  com.mendix.webui.HybridAppLoginTimeOut however it doesn't seem to work as the session remains open. Has anyone experienced a similar issue with the hybrid time out?    Cheers
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And if things are not working as expected I still find the answer of Jasper a great one about which value influence what:






From the documentation, com.mendix.webui.HybridAppLoginTimeOut  only influences the validity of the token, not session timeout.

Determines how many minutes your token will remain valid before re-authenticating using your full credentials. This setting defaults to -1, which is equal to no timeout.

At least for a desktop app - and I believe this will also work for a hybrid app - is to use the settings SessionTimeout (value: 900000) and EnableKeepAlive (value: false): this means that all sessions expire after 15 minutes of inactivity. Do check the documentation about the cluster manager, as it may not be exactly 15 minutes.