Open third party mobile app from Mendix mobile app

I am developing a mobile app and I want to open other mobile app installed on my phone from the app that I am developing using Mendix. Want to know if you have any tutorial on this.  Below is an example Lets say my app downloads ms office document (word, excel, ppt, etc...) on download action I should be able to show open with options which shows the list of apps that can open this file. This is just an example In android we can achieve this by using appropriate activity but I am not sure how to achieve this with Mendix
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I actually made a widget that does exactly this. Bear with me, since it was built in Mendix 5, so there might be some issues, although it's not much more than a wrapper for the phonegap plugin.


This doesn't work from a datagrid though, but it does in a template grid / listview / whatever, als long as it's given the correct package name (

Please let me know if it doesn't work and I'll see if I can make some time to update it.


Link to appstore:


That is more a stackoverflow question:

Or this post:





i have solved a simular problem in a  mendix project. where do you need the connection with Google play for?