Both profile-tablet and profile-desktop in hybrid tablet app when using SAML SSO

Hi! I've been running into this issue multiple times now and I can't seem to find the solution (Mx 7.11 and 7.13.1). Hopefully one of you might be able to provide some food for thought or other input to help and solve this issue! I have a hybrid tablet app online navigation profile in my application. When users open the mobile app for the first time they are redirected to the AD login. Afterwards they are redirected back to the mobile app and are presented the homepage with classes profile-tablet and profile-desktop on the body. However, the users don't see the hamburger menu that should be present (caused by the profile-desktop class on the body). If users have logged in before, they are not redirected to the AD login but instead login using a token. When this happens, only the class profile-tablet is placed on the body as should happen and the hamburger menu is visible. This leads me to the assumption that the SAML SSO module redirects wrongly after login (or the redirect is being interpreted wrongly), but I don't know how to verify this. If you recognize the above issue or have ideas on what to look at please leave a message! Thanks!
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there is a solution to solve this but only if you have a homepage opened by a specific deeplink for mobile. In the settings of your deeplink you can change the index page html to index3.html?profile=phone this wil force the app to use this profile.

So if you managed that the SAML module will continue to open the deeplink after login this must be working :) you can do this by setting Deeplink.LoginLocation to /SSO/login?f=true&cont=


Can be solved by adding document.body.classList.remove("profile-desktop"); to the custom SSO javascript code:

var closeWindow = function() {
	if ( {;
authPromise.then(closeWindow, closeWindow);

(based on info from Bart Luyten)


Mendix let me know that this has been fixed in Mendix 7.22. (info from Connor Land in feedback item 416138)