Push notifications module throws generic error in mobile app

Hi guys 'n gals, I've been running in to an issue with an upgraded Mendix Project. We're currently on version 7.14.1, and ever since the upgrade, we get an error thrown in our face when we use the app on our mobile devices (the app is a PhoneGap app) If I remove the PushNotification snippet, the error is gone, but that's no solution obviously. I've been searching and searching, but no answer. If anyone has any clue, please! I also created an issue on GitHub, but the response rate there seems a bit lower than here :-) https://github.com/mendix/MxPushNotifications/issues/68 Image:
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Hi Paul, I have the same error when upgrading to mx 7.11. When debugging I found out that the PushNotifications widget in my project is different than the one that is available on github. 

Can you grab the widget from test\widgetsgithub and try again?


The widget contains the fix when device registration commits to db (line 308). Just to be sure you need to grab the MxPushNotifications.mpk from test\widgets folder. The MxPushNotifications.mpk demo folder does not have this fix.