PhoneGap application No constructor found for Widget

UPDATE: after some painfull debug I found out that issue is in one of custom javascript widgets. You can put comma after last item in array in modern JavaScript, but after minification PhoneGap consider this as error. I have build small mobile application in addition to desktop app. It was built and tested locally with Mendix Developer App for Android, and it was working ok. Now when I tried to build it with PhoneGap through Mendix enviroment for Acceptance I get .apk file, and installed it at my mobile. I can login in application normally, but at the first page I get: "No constructor found for Widget" for every widget I'm using in this appication (such as PullToRefresh, NavigateWidgetForPhoneGap etc). Html elements is presented at application so I'm sure that database queries working normally. There is nothing about a problem in logfile. I tried to run local enviroment with option "Bundle widget when running locally" enabled and disabled - it still working locally. Maybe some one have some ideas how to debug this? Any help will be appreciated
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Have you tried to debug the application? The console will give you a more detailed information of the error. To do that you simply follow this link