How to Force two texts together on the same line? Second text is forced on a new line unwanted.

Hey everyone, I can't seem to force two texts on the same row.  In my first text i placed: Uitvaartverzekering verhogen voor {1} {2}    In my second: {1} Now i want it to be:  Uitvaartverzekering verhogen voor Firstname(first {1}) Familyname({2}) Birthdate(second {1}) But i get:    Uitvaartverzekering verhogen voor Firstname(first {1}) Familyname({2})                     Birthdate(second {1})   The reason I place Birthdate in a second text is because I want to place a CSS class on it that will prevent it from showing on Mobile phones. Is there any way to force these lines together?        
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Be sure to use 'Rendermode: Text' (not Paragraph or heading)