Hybrid App Session Question

Hello, I have a phonegap packaged app and my users have to log in often.  More then once a day.  We want them to stay logged in but it seems like upon restart of the app the session is lost and a new one starts?  How can I keep my users logged in on the app?  I already extended the runtime property for session length to 90000000ms.  Another question is how can i tell phonegap to remember the credentials so if they do get kicked off the username and password is pre-filled in the fields so they can just click "login". Help! Thnx, Jonathan  
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Hi Jonathan, the autologin function should work out of the box for hybrid apps. I tested this feature this week, but I didn't get it working properly on iOS.

Your session length option is not a way to go. You can check the com.mendix.webui.HybridAppLoginTimeOut in custom settings, but the default is -1 meaning no timeout. 

Anyways what are your findings? Did you test on iOS or Android?