Dual Mode - Online & Offline Application Development

Hi, I was going through the Mendix application for our company usage and have certain queries for starting any application for our production environment. The mobile application which we are looking for the development as of now is offline based apps, the reason for such apps are required due to poor network connectivity at the villages were we operate. The mobiles app which were wanted to created would be like survey app, business app, financial app, CRM app, travel & expense app and on demand video apps. We would like to know if these complex business applications can be supported in the dual mode which is online and offline mode. What would be the process of data synchronization between the offline and online mode. There are times where the application gets crashed or the mobile phone gets corrupted, in such scenario, can we retrieve the last data saved and sync the application back to the actual position. Can we capture he complete data of mobile phone like network details, battery details, IMEI number etc. Data Synchronization Issues – Offline Data Storage capacity, data synchronization failure.   I would like to get a revert from you on these queries, so that we can start looking Mendix as a  complete solution for our business.
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Hi Amit,


Good to hear that you are evaluating Mendix for your company usage.

I think the best approach to find the right answers on your questions is two fold:

1. Have a look at our evaluation guide (https://www.mendix.com/evaluation-guide/) which answers a lot of these questions

2. Next to this I would advice you to leave your contact details on the contact form if you require additional evaluation help.