Hybrid app - user stuck at login page or cannot initialize application displayed

We have default hybrid app; no adjustments to phonegap package; running 7.17.2; no anonymous enabled, so default pages. Users experience periodically that they cannot login, while there is no error message shown (still Please sign in). The workaround is to kill the app and login again -which will login successfully-. When a user is stuck at login, I do see successful logins in the log. Additionally at long term inactivity, when user opens app, the "Cannot initialize app" message is displayed, while connection is fine. Killing the app is the workaround. Any thoughts? Mark
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Hi Mark, since you built the app in July, I recommend to built it again from sprintr. There have been changes to the hybrid app since then (see https://docs.mendix.com/releasenotes/hybridapp/) and this might solve your issue. 

When debugging Android you need to take into account Device model and Android version. Anyways first try downloading a fresh hybrid app package from the Mendix Cloud Portal via Developer Portal > DEPLOY > Mobile App.