Cannot open PDF Document - Android application (.apk)

Hello guys,  I want to update my application in Google store since there is a notification that we should update the Android TargetSdkVersion by November 1st.  However, I created the .apk using the latest Mendix Hybrid release (phonegap package). During the testing, I've noticed that the application cannot open pdf document.  We are using PDFTron and it works properly (changing documents), but if I want to open a document in pdf format, without changing (PDFTron), I am getting the error "Application has stopped", restart the application!    The previous version of .apk file works as expected.   @Edit There is no error within the Log file and after deeper testing, this error occurs if you try to open anyone PDF Document.  @Edit Sorry guys, I forgot to mention, we currently use 6.10.3 modeler and preparing to migrate to 7.16.0 version. This is tested with 7.16.0 but again the strange is that the old .apk works properly with 7.16.0 version and .apk created by the latest Hybrid release doen't work.     Does anyone have the same issue?     Thank you in advance.    David  
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Hello guys, 
I've submitted a ticket regarding this issue to Mendix Support and Mendix's R&D team is working on this in order to find a solution. 
This issue seems related to the change in the Android target SDK from 23 to 27 and downloading any file document will crash the hybrid application.