Push Notifications Android - Firebase

Hello,  I have been attempting to make push notifications work for android using both the app store module and the github repo. In the documentation listed here: https://docs.mendix.com/howto/mobile/setting-up-google-firebase-cloud-messaging-server, under section 4.4 fields are mentioned that do not exist in the admin pages for me " The XMPP server field should have the value gcm.googleapis.comwhereas the XMPP Port field should be 5235 "  My android device is not showing up in the "Devices" tab, even though it has been configured correctly by allowing debugging, building the app with phonegap, etc. 
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Hi Alexander, you can easily make a mistake when configuring push notifications. You can either check the configuration again and/or debug your setup. Can you debug any error messages in the console on your device, see 4.3 Android Configuration?