Mobile Feature classes app-online app-offline not working

I'm working on an app that will have some minimal functionality offline. I am testing the ability of the MobileFeatures widget to append certain things to a page based on the user being online or offline, but i can't seem to get the classes working.  I have added "app-offline" and "app-online" to several buttons/containers/textboxes and tested in modeler (7.18.1) and native phonegap app (Iphone 7 on IOS12) What am I missing?
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did you add the classes to your buttons? That won't work. The widget will set the configured class in the top of your DOM node. This enables you to write your own css code to alter the appearance of your app.


so for instance this CSS code:

.app-offline .btn{display:none;}

will hide all your buttons when your app is in offline mode.


Try the new version of the Mobile Features widget. I had a similar problem and that was solved in the new version.