Object doesnt show in offline page with listview

On a page in the offline profile, there is a listview of "Inspectie" with datasource = database. One constraints is that ToDelete is false.   In the domain model, the entity "Inspectie" has Store Owner ticked, and there is the XPath constraint [System.owner='[%CurrentUser%]'] in the Access Rule for User.    When I create an Inspectie and go back to the overview page, I see it. All fine. But when I push the synchronisation button on the overview page, the Inspectie dissappears.   There is no error message in the log about the synchronization. On the server, through the responsive profile, I can see that the Inspectie has been committed, with ToDelete 'false'.   What could be the reason the Inspectie doesn't show in the offline page after synchronization?  
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Hi there, if I understand right you're trying to use an xpath in a offline mode?

From the documentation:

4.2 XPath

The database used to store data on your mobile device for offline use does not support complex queries. As such, the XPath setting is disallowed on all the widgets accessible through the offline device profile. Alternatively, the simple constraints found in the database data source can be used, as well as modeling complex queries using entity access.

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sorry I read your question wrong, apparently you already used an xpath in the entity access as a access rule. but you're right it does seem to say xpath in entity access should work...


I am not sure if system.owner works with offline apps, but try using the solution I gave as a comment in this post:


If system.owner does not work, than the object will never be shown in the mobile app. You have to associate it to the account object.