Unable to use mobile app with offline enabled

Hi All, I am trying to build a mobile app which is available offline. However I am having some problems with accessing the app when I activate the offline capabilities.   I have build the app via Phonegap and am always getting following error: 'Could not synchronize with server. Make sure your app has an offline profile enabled when running in offline mode.' Some more details: - I have only the responsive and the hybrid phone offline navigation profiles defined in the app. - The 'Enable offline capabilities' checkbox is checked before I build the app in phonegap and I also checked the settings.json to make sure the 'enableOffline' is sset to true. - I have also tried to deploy the app to the google play store, but this results in the same error.   Has anyone encountered this issue before and has a solution for this?   Thanks, Tom  
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there are many possible reasons for this error.

You could first test with the 'Mendix Mobile' App. That also supports testing offline apps.

regards, Fabian

Edit: QR code to test with the Mendix Mobile App (note that this is a sandbox app)