SQLite error after login of mobile app

My offline mobile app was working fine earlier, but as of now I am always getting following error after login: {"message":"sqlite3_step failure: UNIQUE constraint failed: _guidToTable.guid","code":6} This seems to also prevent the app from refreshing the data. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing an error like this? I added a microflow to create a new object 'B' as an 'after create event' on an entity "A'. I then went into my app via desktop and removed all the objects of entity 'A' which were already in my DB because they would not have created the entity 'B' objects. afterwards I created a new object 'A' (which would then also create and object 'B' associated to this object 'A'). And like stated above after these changes the error starts popping up after login on mobile. however I'm not 100% sure if the error is related to these actions.
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Did you change your domain model, and deploy the changes, between when it was working and when it stopped working? That can cause issues with the SQLite DB, and is usually resolved by re-installing the app.