Full screen for mobile apps with a status bar shown all time.

Hello guys,   In config.xml file, I've enabled full-screen possibility for mobile apps and it works as expected.   <preference name="Fullscreen" value="true" />     I'm wondering is it possible to enable full-screen and keep a status bar shown all time within an application? I want to have a full-screen option but with a status bar.  For creating .apk and .ipa I am using PhoneGap build, so I don't use Xcode and Android studio for building apps.  The solution should be within config.xml or index.html pages.  I would appreciate any suggestion.    Regards, David  
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Perhaps this link helps?


The following lines should help control the visiblity of the status bar:

  • StatusBar.hide
  • StatusBar.show
  • StatusBar.isVisible