Q: Offline Mobile Reference Selector - Selectable Objects issue

Hey guys,  So I've constructed numerous Xpath constraints to get this to work and none of them seem to work so maybe I'm overthinking things.  Here is my issue: On a offline mobile page, I have a reference selector that refers to an entity with (for example) 10 objects. Now usually (online) you could use the tab "selectable objects" to filter this (for example) to 3 objects through association and what not. For an offline user I've translated the associations (microflow online) to the Xpath for the entity in offline. This however didn't seem to work, furthermore I got really creative in the Xpaths trying to get it to work. It feels like I'm chasing something that isn't there. It raises the following questions.  1. Is this feature supported in Mendix offline (reference selector for specific objects)?  2. Are my Xpaths not as smooth as I think they are (so far other pages/objects etc. are working as intended for offline mobile) 3. Is this an issue of my modeler version (7.17.2) Any help or information is greatly appreciated. Regards,
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I have implemented this using nanoflows to retrieve selectable objects. Please give it a try and let me know if it works for you! This widget is not on the app store yet, but if its useful to others perhaps I will release it there.





Hey Jermaine, 

From what i understand you cannot use the xpath datasource in any way while in the offline profile. you will have to use the database data source and then constrain the results, using attribute values.

You can also follow associations in the database when selecting the value to display e.g. user -> tasks/taskName.

by doing this you should see all tasks for that user, and then can add constraint for example isActive = true 


Is there a React version? :)