Unexpected behaviour with date-time picker in mobile app on IOS 12.1

Hi All We noticed that on IOS 12.1 the data-time picker gives an unexpected result in our mobile app (build with phonegap and Mendix 7.18.1). When a date-time is selected in a popup window, the IOS date-time picker slides in from below. When the new date/time is selected the picker disappears and the screen normally slides down to the original position. However we noticed that on IOS 12.1 in our mobile app the screen does not slide back completely and a white line remains. Thereafter, if the user wants to press the show graph button, nothing happens. Actually, we found out that you clearly have to press above the  button to start the follow up action. (This is actually the position where the button is when the date picker is shown) . We noticed this behavior in IOS 12.1 behavior, in IOS 11 versions this behavior was not seen. We also noticed that the behavior does not occur when we use the Mendix mobile developer app on IOS 12.1 with the sampe application.  Anyone any suggestion on how the correct this ? Is there some special setting used when the Mendix developer mobile app is build that prevents on IOS 12.x ?  
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