Error message when user re-opens mobile app from background.

When our users start to reuse their mobile app on IOS, when the app was not closed (swipped away), the following error message often occurs. An error occurred, please contact your system administrator From the logfile we see that the current session of the user is removed and that thereafter a verify hash error is reported on a module entity that the page will use when the user re-opens his app. The Entities reported are always the first entities used on the page (or caller of the page) to which the user is supposed to return. This is shown in the logfile: Nov 15 10:07:35.264 - INFO - Core: Removing session for user 'USER' Nov 15 10:14:50.467 - ERROR - Connector: An error has occurred while handling the request. [User 'USER' with session id 'a5e13d42-1757-4f39-9e17-5492c90c609c' and roles 'Tester, Demo'] Nov 15 10:14:50.468 - ERROR - Connector: (1/2) com.mendix.webui.WebUIException: Attempt to illegally change a value for object with id '76842668642010204' (MODULE.ENTITY)! Nov 15 10:14:50.468 - ERROR - Connector: (2/2) #011at com.mendix.webui.requesthandling.HashUtil$.verifyHash(HashUtil.scala:69)   Can someone explain what is happening here and how we have to handle this error, i.e. make sure that user can start re-using their mobile app after a period of inactivity ? It is no problem is the user after a period of inactivity start on the standard startpage, but that then should work without error message. Even better, just return to the last page the user was using, without error.
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This problem should be fixed in the latest Mendix version 7.20 (see release notes)

When hybrid online apps were minimized long enough to cause a session timeout on the server, the autologin caused a hashing error because the state was not cleared. This has been fixed by redirecting to the home page when resurrecting the session using autologin. (Tickets 68498, 68655, 68940)

regards, Fabian