Android Hybrid app full screen issue

Hello guys,    The application I'm working on needs to be full screen. The full screen preference has been added to the config.xml file.    <preference name="fullscreen" value="true" />   I've noticed two issues related to Android Hybrid application:  1. When running the app, the splash screen shows up, but the problem is that the app still shows the status bar on top and the navigation bar at the bottom, until the app finishes showing the splash screen, where the app finally goes into full screen.   2. When I click on some input field and start typing and hide the keyboard, the status bar and navigation bar don't disappear anymore and I don't know how to hide them (see the images).   Please let me know if I missed something. Does anyone have an idea how to resolve it?    Thank you in advance.  Regards.   
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I don't think you missed anything. It seems to me that this behavior is caused by Phonegap. I would suggest checking out this link, see if playing around with these settings changes anything: